The following members of the Class of 1985 have died in the five years since our 25th Reunion:

We will honor them in a Memorial Service in remembrance of deceased members of the Class of 1985.  The Memorial Service will be held at the Chancellor Green Rotunda on Friday, May 29th at 4:00 pm.

The Memorials page lists all the deceased members of the Class of 1985, including obituaries published in the PAW and other sources that we have been able to locate.

If you know of other classmates who have died or would like to write the memorial note for one of our classmates shown in black, please contact Emily Guthrie, our 30th Reunion Memorial Service Chair, at

In addition to our classmates, this year we would like to honor our spouses, partners and children who have died. If you would like to include a loved one’s name, please contact Emily.  If you know of others who have lost a spouse or child, ask them to contact Emily or send their email and Emily will reach out to them.
Last updated May 10, 2015